vsJack started late at night in local bars. A deck of cards, a few drinks and a love of blackjack was all it took. We  didn’t have a casino to hold our money and we ignored the rules. We let the game take its own form and found the most natural way to play was to pass the deck around. We took turns being the dealer and each night the best man won. That’s how vsjack was born.
After that we dedicated ourselves to bringing this game to the card players of the world. We felt that blackjack never got the chance to grow into a real online experience. All other game formats were passing it by. But that’s all over now. The table has turned.

Enjoy the game and remember to play responsibly, we take that shit serious.


vsjack is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. We operate under Curacao’s leading, regulated and proven Gaming Licensing & Hosting provider, E-Commerce Park.

vsJack is owned and operated by Scope Pay LTD with official office at Stron House, 100 Pall Mall, London, UK through its wholly owned subsidiary In Scope NV with its official office at E-Commerce Park, Vredenberg, Curacao

Responsible Gaming

We want you to enjoy playing at vsjack. Check out our responsible gaming policy to improve your enjoyment.