Below you’ll find links to resources and articles about blackjack, including the history of the game of blackjack, information on card counting, dealer rules, what differs player-vs-player blackjack from traditional casino based blackjack and other tips and advice that can help you when you take a seat at the vsJack tables.

Blackjack Articles

  • The History of Blackjack
    An in-depth article on the origins of the game of Blackjack from the beginning until now.
  • Top 10 Blackjack Games
    An article on different types of Blackjack Games. You might be familiar with some but some might be news to you!
  • Counting Cards at Blackjack
    This article cover the “skill” of counting cards and also adds to the history of card counting in Blackjack.
  • Player versus Player Blackjack
    Learn more about the unique type of game that vsJack is and what differs Player versus Player Blackjack from other types of Blackjack games.
  • What is Multiplayer Blackjack?
    Several online sites in the past have let players take their turn being the dealer but the game play would be exactly the same as in traditional blackjack. The game you’ll find at the vsJack tables may look like standard blackjack, but it is a total different game.
  • Blackjack Dealer Rules
    Certain rules favor the player while other push the edge to the house, with the inevitable resultbeing that the casino almost always holds a small edge
  • Use Position as an Advantage in vsJack
    If there’s one single strategy at vsJack that will consistently make you money, it’s taking advantage of your position at the table.