Game questions

What’s a hand?
A hand is the transaction between one player and the dealer. So if there are four players playing at a table that means three will be non-dealers (jacks) and one will be the dealer. There will be three hands.
What is a round?
A round is started when everyone gets their first two cards and ended when the dealer’s turn is over and all bets are settled.
What is a bet?
A bet is what you wager in each hand. We have a specific stake level for each table so that everyone on that table is betting the same amount.
How do I become dealer?
Everyone gets the chance to be the dealer. When you first join a table you will be seated “under the gun” or the first person to act, to the left of the dealer. After each hand you will move to the left. If you are playing heads up (one player vs one other player) you will take turns as dealer. Otherwise you will move to the left until it is your turn to be dealer, then the table spins and you are playing against all other players.
What is a push?
Push is the term you use in blackjack to say that both players got the same amount and both bets will be returned. In other words, no one won. In vsJack if both the dealer and the player bust it is also a push.
What does bust mean?
If you bust that means you took a card and went over 21. Both dealers and players can do it and it means you lose to any number 21 and under.
When can I split?
You can split the two cards you were dealt into two new hands when the first two cards were the same. To do this you are required to place a second bet of the same amount. To get the option to split, the two initial cards don’t need to be the same suit but they need to be the same type. So you can split two Queens, but not a King and a Queen. We allow you to split up to 3 hands which means you can increase your hands to four on one deal.
Can I split Aces?
What is a double (or double down)?
When you have between 7 and 11 as a total after you are dealt your first two cards you have the option to double your bet. You can do this when you feel you have a good chance to beat the dealer. You will only get one card dealt to you after that.
Can I double hands that I have split?
Sure, give it a shot!
Can I split hands that I have doubled?
Now you’re just asking things to confuse me. As Samuel L would say, heeell noo.
Do I have to follow any rules as dealer?
No, you don’t have to stand on 17 or hit on 16. You play however you think gives you the best shot of beating the other players.
What does “being the dealer” mean?
Just like in casino blackjack, the dealer plays against all other players, and the players all play against the dealer. In vsJack you get to take turns being both dealer and player.
Do I need to install anything?
Most likely no. Our game and site only requires a reasonably modern web browser and Flash. Most systems come with Flash pre-installed. If not, then you will have to install it. Visit to download and install flash.
Why do I need to update flash?
It might be the case that you are on an old version of Flash. Our cutting edge game experience uses cutting edge features in Flash and thus requires the latest cutting edge version. Cool huh?! ;) Anyway, if prompted to update flash, please do so. If that didn’t work, go to and install it manually.
System requirements?
Although our home grown 3D-engine is extremely efficient, there are some machines that simply can’t handle the excitement. We could tell you the boring tech details but the bottom line is it won’t do too well on a computer older than 10 years and we recommend using something not older than 5 years. If you do feel the experience is not good enough on your machine, please send us a report (at with details on your hardware and an explanation of the issue.
Can you play the game on mobile devices?
If your device has flash and reasonable firepower, then yes. The experience is not fully optimized for small devices yet but it is fully playable. We have successfully tested it on HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy Nexus to name a couple.If your device does not support flash, such as the iPhone or iPad, than I’m sorry to say, you can’t play vsJack. But… as most of us at vsJack are apple fans, we are working on support for these devices. Just give us some time and it’ll happen.
Why does nothing happen when I click on the “Play” button?
Most likely you don’t have javascript enabled. Our site and game makes extensive use of javascript and you can’t play the game without it. Go into your browser’s settings and ensure you have it enabled.
Why did I lose?
When you are not the dealer you lose when the dealer is closer to 21 than you are. When you are the dealer you lose to each player that is closer to 21 than you are. If you both go over 21 it is a push (meaning no one wins and you both get your bets back). If the dealer gets blackjack you lose automatically before playing your hand.
Why did I win?
When you are not the dealer you win when you are closer to 21 than the dealer is. When you are the dealer you beat players by being closer to 21 than they are.
What happens if we both get blackjack?
If the dealer and a player get blackjack in the same hand it is a push.
How do I report a bug?
If you see something you think is wrong with our site or the game we will be thrilled if you let us know. It’s not unknown for us to show our gratitude for it either. You can do one or several of:

  1. Hit the little “report bug” link in the game client
  2. Post about it in the vsJack forum.
  3. Send us an email about it to
How do I mute the sounds?
There is a link in the client that will mute the sounds. It says “mute”. Click that!
How do I report abuse in chat?
Email and if possible provide us with hand ID (found in top left corner), nickname of the abusive user and an example of what you found abusive.
Do play money games cost money?
Nope, sit down and enjoy. It’s on us.
How do I sit down at a game?
When you click on our “Play” button on the front page a new window or tab will open and you will see options on how much you want to bet. When you have chosen a level by clicking on it you will be automatically seated at one of our tables.
What do the different levels in the lobby mean?
Each level shows a bet amount. Everyone at the table will be betting the same amount.
I keep losing, is it your fault or mine?
Well, its probably a combination of standard deviation and poor play. If you want to improve your vsJack skills jump into the forum and read some tips. vsJack has a large aspect of chance to it. That means you will have winning streaks and losing streaks, but there is no karma involved. Every deal is a new one. You have the same chance of winning that hand as any other.
How many decks do you use?
We use one deck.
How often do you reshuffle?
We reshuffle after each hand.
Can I count cards?
Sure, counting cards means you keep track of the value of the cards you have already seen to help you decide what to do next. We only use one deck so if you have seen a lot of cards already you may be able to work out what the odds are for getting a certain card. We reshuffle after every hand so your count is only useful for that hand.
How long do I have to wait to get blackjack?
Assuming you just draw two cards off of a newly shuffled deck you will get blackjack 4.8265% of the time. You can calculate this yourself like this: Take the amount of Aces in the deck (4) and divide by total cards in the deck (52). Then multiply by the amount of cards that have a value of ten in the deck (16) and divide by the remaining cards in the deck (51). Now multiply by two because you could also be dealt the ten value card first and then the Ace, meaning there are two ways to achieve blackjack.The cards are dealt one to each player at a time so the probability of you being dealt blackjack is always changing. Good luck!
Why does the table keep spinning?
In vsJack your position at the table changes each hand. Instead of spinning you around (like making you get up and change places) we have the table turn (like passing the deck around at your home game). That way you are always in the center and can easily choose your actions with the buttons in front of you.
Are you guys drunk?
No, at least not right now, but maybe after work.
Why was I not allowed to be dealer?
Because your bankroll at the table had gone below a certain level. You see, we require the dealer has a certain amount of chips in his bankroll so that all players get paid out (including a couple of splits or double downs). If you don’t have enough chips you are simply spun back to the player side of the table. Once you have topped up your bankroll or won back enough chips, you will get to be dealer again.
What happens if I get disconnected?
If you lose your connection during a hand and you haven’t acted yet, the software will automatically hit for you if you have a value below 12 or if you as dealer have worse cards than all other players. Other than that the hand plays out as normal and you can still win or lose the hand.
What happens if the game crashes?
We check to see what hands were completed and what hands were not. If you hand was completed we make sure all money ended up where it was supposed to. For all hands that were not completed we give everyone their bets back. All funds you have at the table will be returned to your accounts.
What is rake?
Rake is the fee we take for providing the games here at vsJack. Every time somebody wins we take a small percentage of the winnings
How much is the rake?
If you are playing heads up the rake is 0.5% so the winning player would take down €1.99 (their €1 plus €0.99 from the losing player’s €0.99). If there are 3 or 4 players the rake is 1% of the pot and the winning player in each transaction would take down €1.98. If there are 5 or 6 players at the table the winning player would pay 1.5% and take down €1.97.
What are player points?
Player points are a measure of how much you play at vsJack. Every initial bet at the table gives you 5 player points for every cent in the bet. Player points are currently only used for clearing bonuses but we have plans for other exciting things in the future.
How can I see my hand histories?
Currently you can’t access this information in the client. We will enable this very soon though. So, for now, if you want to know what happened in a specific had just email support and they will get the details for you. Add the hand ID to your email (it is in the top left corner of the client) or, if you don’t have that, provide all information you have about time frame, stake, opponents, etc.

Tournament questions

How do I access the tournaments?
Click the Tournaments button in the top right corner of the game lobby to show the tournament offering. Then just click on the type of tournament you want to play and you will be placed in the queue for that tournament. When the required number of people have joined, the tournament will automatically start.
What is the price structure for the tournaments?
Check out the tournaments page at
What is the blinds structure for the tournaments?
Check out the tournaments page at
How long does a tournament take?
A 6 player SnG will if you play it until the end take about 25 minutes.
How much does it cost to play a tournament?
A tournament buy-in consists of a contribution to the prize pool and a fee. The fee is 10% of the prize pool contribution. So a tournament that costs €11 consists of €10 to the prize pool and €1 as fee.
How many player points do I get for a tournament?
For every cent you pay as buy-in to the tournament you get 10 player points.

Account questions

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Go to the page and enter your email. It will then email you what you need to get back on track.
How do I open an account?
Go to the registration page,, and fill out the form. When you click register an email will be sent to you. Click the link in the email and then login using the email and password you provided in the registration form.
Can I change my nickname?
Generally we are not too happy about this. We want an open friendly atmosphere where people get to know each other and that won’t happen if everyone goes around changing their identity. If you have very good reasons, you can email support and they will sort it out.
Can I change my language settings?
Right now we only offer English. We will add more languages in the future.
I am not getting emails from vsJack? What’s wrong?
Check your spam folder, sometimes our beautiful messages wrongly get accused of belonging to the dark side (we would take Luke’s side in a fight any day of the week). If you find our email there, make sure to mark it “not spam” to ensure future emails get through.
What do I do when I run out of money?
We are assuming that you yourself are not broke. If that is the case you should get some counselling for gambling addiction. If you just mean you have no more money in your account you can either try our play money games or deposit more through any of the methods we have available on the site.

Money and security questions

How do I deposit money in my account?
You can deposit funds once you have registered and logged in by going here. If you need to register go here.
How do I cash out money from my account?
If you would like to cash out send an email to us at with your account details and the amount you would like to withdraw. We will respond with details on what to do next. We will process your request as fast as we can. Like we said earlier, we respect player’s bankrolls.
Is your site safe?
Yes! Nothing is more important to us than the integrity of the game and the safety of your funds and personal details. We go to extreme lengths to assure this. We have one of the industry’s top security experts working for us and together we have set up a number of precautionary measures such as:

  • All traffic to our site is encrypted using 256-bit SSL from GeoTrust.
  • All in-game traffic is encrypted using our own native encryption.
  • Our servers are protected by firewalls and the most sensitive systems are not accessible from the public Internet at all. All players’ passwords are stored in a secure database with 256-bit encryption. No one, including all vsJack staff, can read your password. It is only known to you.
  • All game play (every single hand!) is monitored in real-time and agents will be alerted immediately if any fraudulent behaviour is detected. Fraudulent players will be banned and their funds returned to the rightful owners.
  • All access to the site and game is logged using a number of different identification methods (which we choose to keep secret). When identified, known fraudsters, users attempting multiple accounts and other bad boys will be automatically blocked from further access to the site or game.
  • Our Radom Number Generator has been certified by independent gaming certification company NMi. All randomly generated shuffles are stored in a way that they can never be read by humans. In short, it is impossible for anyone to predict upcoming cards in the game.
Do you have bots playing on the site?
No, when you play at vsJack you are playing against real people. We employ a number of advanced methods to ensure this is always the case.
Is my money safe?
Yes. All player funds are stored in a specific bank account and your funds are not used for operations. They are safe until you decide to cash them out.
Do you store my credit card details?
No, your credit card details are handled our payments partner, a highly reputable payment service provider. They are PCI-certified which means they take extreme measures to ensure your details are safe. No staff at vsJack can access your credit card details.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount across all payment options is €10 unless otherwise stated.
What is the minimum withdraw amount?
The minimum withdraw amount across all payment options is €20 unless otherwise stated.
How long does it take before my money arrive in my account?
Processing of your withdrawal depends of the withdrawal option but generally it will take 2-3 bank days.
Is my payment information (or any personal information) shared with anyone?
We will not share your personal information with any third party unless necessary to process your financial transactions with our payments partner.
What payment methods can I use?
We offer Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers/Skrill, Neteller, ClickandBuy, Paysafecard, Bank transfer and a few more. We are constantly working on adding methods requested by players. Check out the deposit page here for the full listing of available methods.
Can I transfer money to another user, or receive a transfer?
Our current license does not allow for player to player transfers but we are working on finding a solution which can be accepted.
Why do I need to send a copy of my ID to withdraw my winnings the first time?
For your own safety, and to comply with the obligations of our license, we require an official photo ID for your first payout, which you may upload or send us by fax. The purpose of checking your ID is to ensure that you are of full legal age and to make sure you really are the person applying for the payout and not an unauthorized third party. Make sure that the copy/scan of your ID is not too dark to read and please limit the size of your documents to 5 MB.